GYM4ALL Mid term meeting successfully held in Osijek

The mid-term meeting of the Erasmus+ project, dedicated to the development of gymnastics for children with disabilities, recently concluded in Osijek, Croatia. The meeting ran in parallel with the DOBRO World Cup, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and commitment to the project’s cause. Representatives from partner organizations across North Macedonia, Slovenia, and Croatia assembled to review the progress of the project and to strategize for the forthcoming stages.

The primary segment of the meeting was focused on an in-depth review and discussion of the project handbook. This comprehensive resource is designed to optimize the delivery of gymnastics training for children with disabilities. Partners contributed to the meeting by sharing their professional expertise, proposing enhancements to the handbook, and aligning on the final version.

The latter part of the meeting was dedicated to the planning of the project’s implementation phase. This crucial stage will involve the execution of gymnastics trainings based on the guidelines and recommendations outlined in the project handbook. Detailed discussions were held regarding the organizational aspects, the allocation of responsibilities, and the resources necessary for the successful rollout of these trainings.

Upon the conclusion of the day’s official proceedings, partners partook in a dinner event. This served as an opportunity for informal networking, fostering stronger relationships amongst the partners and encouraging further discussion in a more relaxed setting.

The subsequent day offered additional learning opportunities for the partners through workshops and educational sessions organized by the Croatian Gymnastics Federation. This valuable exposure to specific topics in the field of gymnastics further enriched their knowledge and understanding, ensuring an effective implementation of the project. In addition, the partners attended the DOBRO World Cup final, infusing additional enthusiasm and motivation into the group.

The mid-term meeting demonstrated significant progress towards achieving the objectives of the Erasmus+ project. As we move forward into the implementation phase, we anticipate a significant positive impact on the communities we serve, driven by our commitment to enhancing the lives of children with disabilities through gymnastics.
This project update reflects the dedication and collaboration of our partner organizations as we strive towards our common goal. Future updates on the project will be shared as we continue to make strides in this significant endeavor.

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